Tech N9ne's niece has been shot, reports indicate. Tech N9ne took to Instagram yesterday (Nov. 15) and posted a family photo announcing the news.

The Kansas City rapper's caption states, "Not my niece's getting shot up now!!! Come on Kansas city! Is this what I got to come home to from New Zealand earthquakes? I'd take these earthquakes ANY DAY over murder! JESUS!"

According to Fox 4 News Kansas City, a Saturday (Nov. 12) shooting left Maryanna Pennington dead and three others injured. The Fox 4 news story is not yet confirmed as the same shooting that Tech N9ne describes on Instagram. However, the proximity and timing of the news story and the Instagram post has lead people to believe that it was the same shooting that Tech's niece was involved in.

In September, Tech N9ne's aunt, Ivy Yates, was shot inside her Kansas City home. Yates was rushed to the hospital with a punctured lung. According to Fox 4 News, Yates’ three grandchildren were also in the house during the shooting. Yates helped raise Tech N9ne and is like a mother to him. At the time, the Strange Music artist took to Instagram and wrote, “I need all the prayers I can get from my Technicians for my aunt Ivy! Some demon shot her last night! Send Angel love this way so I can transfer it her way! Positive energy today people please!”

Luckily, Yates survived the incident. Tech N9ne later posted a screenshot of a text conversation that read, “She talking bro they stop the bleeding and she’s breathing on her own.” The caption for a follow-up photo read, “Thank you guys so much! My lil brother Kiraameen just sent me this text so the positive energy got her thru a punctured lung! That’s POWER baby thank you!”

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