The Detroit MC Team Eastside Peezy just dropped his new project Ballin Ain’t a Crime.

Peezy is by far one of the top new rappers coming out of the Motor City. He just released his highly anticipated project Ballin Aint a Crime through #Boyz Entertainment. The studio effort is 16 tracks which catches Peezy spitting about why balling isn't a crime, putting on for his team, rocking iced out chains and making sure his Rollie is always clean.

Team Eastside Peezy hasn't had the best luck when it comes to the law. Last year, the rapper and six other members of the 6 Mile Chedda Grove Gang were arrested for racketeering charges. Although Peezy is currently in jail awaiting trail, the MC hasn’t steered away from his goal of making music and keeping his fans happy.

Ballin Aint a Crime is the first project of the year for Peezy and it features T Dot, Jim Jones, Philthy Rich, HNIC Pesh, Lil Mike Mike and more. You can stream the project below.

Team Eastside Peezy’s Ballin Aint a Crime Tracklist

1. Intro

2. "Ballin' Ain't a Crime"

3. "Against All Odds" featuring T Dot

4. With Me or Against Me"

5. "Eastside" featuring Jim Jones and Philthy Rich

6. "Pressure" featuring HNIC Pesh

7. "Regardless" featuring Lil Mike Mike

8. "All Over" featuring Babyface Ray


10. "Session Lit" featuring Team Eastside Snoop

11. "No Smoke" featuring Jazzy

12. "I Got Mo" featuring Philthy Rich Mack

13. "Cant Stand by me" featuring HNIC Pesh

14. "Been The Man" featuring Babyface Ray

15. "Neverseen B4"

16. "Everybody"

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