Chance The Rapper turns the big 2-4 today (April 16), and gets blessed by his younger brother, Taylor Bennett, with some bars for his born day. Bennett just dropped a special remix dedicated to his dear ol' sibling titled "Only Brother."

On the track, young Bennett gets LudLow to flip the beat from the song, "D.R.A.M. Sings Special," off Chance's Coloring Book mixtape so he can reminisce about the old days. "Black boys outside of the map/Nappy headed sharing rooms in the back/Back then when Michael wasn't black but we loved him anyway because MC Hammer was wack," he raps.

Switching his flow into rapid-fire mode, Bennett snaps, "Not looking for fame or an autograph/Or a co-sign or record deal, baller pass/And you could put that through the polygraph/Chains, rings, bling, never meant a thing to the king/Now how crazy is that?"

This isn't the first song Taylor has dedicated to his superstar brother. Last August, he put out the track, "Chance's Song," where he also paid homage to big bro.

Chance will be celebrating his birthday with a huge soiree in his hometown of Chicago. The event is dubbed “Chance the Birthday” and is taking place at Studio Paris. According to his manager, Pat, it will be “better than any festival that ever existed." A flyer for the party reveals there will be special guests. Proceeds from the event will go to Chance's charity, Social Works. The party starts at 9 p.m. and doesn't end until 2 a.m.

Listen to Taylor's "Only Brother" remix below.

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