It looks like Target did not get the memo about French Montana's album being pushed back. The retailer was selling copies of Montana's MC4 LP despite the rapper announcing a delay of its release a few days ago.

"Due to some sample clearances that are still being worked out, I have to move the album release date," French Montana wrote on Tuesday (Aug. 16). "I want to apologize to my fans that are waiting. I want to make sure the album is something special."

Clearly the delay did not get properly conveyed to Target as fans had a chance to pick up the French Montana's album before its official release. Some lucky listeners now have the jump on the rest of the hip-hop world. These fans will get to hear if Montana topped his debut LP which he told XXL was his goal.

"I always feel like with everything you drop you always got to make sure it’s better than the last," he said in XXL's first digital cover story. "I feel like everybody goes through that. You have to make sure your album is better than the last one. As far as me, I didn’t really try to think about it too much ‘cause I don’t like overthinking. But I just made sure I did the best I could. I put my heart into the music and made sure I loved it, made sure everybody around me loved it. Then I just put it in God’s hands."

There is no word on a new release date for MC4. The fans who grabbed copy at Target may have a collector's item on their hands if anything gets altered for the future release.

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