People have gotten used to Kanye West being controversial, but his latest comments in support of Donald Trump even have some of his biggest supporters giving him the side-eye.

One of his day ones, Talib Kweli recently stepped up to tell 'Ye to stop the madness. Reaching out via Twitter, Kweli tried to tweet some sense into his contemporary. "Feelings don't matter fam. Facts matter. Real niggas still got love for you. But our ppl dying out here. Never Trump," he started off.

"The same way you want Jay to reach out to you, u should reach out to real niggas. Cuz someone ain't keeping it real w u fam," he added. "The ppl gonna ride w you til the wheels fall off for what you've given us. But only if u ride w the ppl. Come back home. Love...We love u. u r everything u say u are. A genius, an icon. U added greatness to my life. But lifting Trump up kills us. Come home."

West has been on one recently. At a show last night (Nov. 19), in Sacramento, Calif., he called out Jay Z and Beyonce.

Of course, the latter didn't go over to well with the Bey Hive who started the hashtag #kanyeisoverparty and proceeded to go in.

Check out a gallery of Talib's tweets, above.

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