Is T.I. a rapper or a super hero? The rapper has admitted to saving a total of three lives in the past few years and at the rate he's going, they'll be more to come. Appearing on The Breakfast Club this morning, T.I. went in depth about the lives he's preserved, unveiling that he's stopped two people from jumping to their deaths and a woman from a car wreck.

"Three rescues, I mean three rescues from a celebrity," said T.I. to Charlamagne, DJ Envy, and Angela Yee. "I got other things to do, I ain't just sitting about waiting for shit to do. Three rescues, one another celebrity, another superstar, the dude Scott Stapp from Creed. He was trying to kill himself in Miami and jump off a building, by the grace of God, landed on my balcony."

He continued, "I went out, it was me and Phil...I was finna roll one and blow it and as we set fire to it, we hear [moans]. And I'm looking at Phil, I say 'You hungry?'I'm like what is this man? [Stapp says] 'I'm gonna kill her, I'm gonna kill her.'We look up and there's a gentlemen up there. He's like 'Man, my wife is trying to cheat on me and I know she's in here.' I'm like hey man, cool it. He tried to get up [and fell], I'm like stay there. Let me call some help. I called, they sent the ambulance. The next day I hear that it's the singer of the mega group Creed."

Also recalling another person he saved from jumping  at a radio station he added," That was another situation where I was leaving the house and I cut the radio station on and they interrupted the program to let us know that someone on their building, the building of the radio station, was about to jump. I'm on the highway and I'm like 'man, I'm in the area. I'm going downtown.' I'm going to the studio a few streets over so I pull over and see if I can help."

Lastly, T.I. spoke on the woman he saved from a car accident. "I'm heading to Popeyes chicken, cause I like Popeyes. And the car in front of me, literally. I'm approaching the light and the car sped up. Somebody caught the  green and hit her in the tail and flipped her over....I pulled over in the Popeyes, my cousin was there too, and so we run up to the car....[I]look down and I'm like 'get up.' So me, him, two other guys and a couple mexicans, we pull her up out of there."

Watch the interview below:

[The Breakfast Club]