Musical pundits have labeled T-Pain as the man behind Auto-Tune. The artist synonymous with the handy dandy vocal tuner has penned some bangers in the past and helped artists become familiar with the product. While some artists mastered the use of Auto-Tune, T-Pain isn't satisfied with how one artist in particular has used it in the past.

“Kanye uses it, but he doesn’t use it correctly,”  said the "Drankin Patna" singer in an interview with “HuffPost Live.” “He makes great music with it, but the way that I use it and the way that I’ve shown Chris [Brown] and Jamie [Foxx] to use it, he doesn’t use it that way.”

Apparently, there's a way to use Auto-Tune. Tell em' how it's done Teddy.

“[Kanye] sings without it first and then he puts [Auto-Tune] on after he’s done with the vocals,” the singer added. “You don’t know how it’s going to come out. You can’t catch your mistakes before they happen. So sometimes it gets a little bit wobbly and things like that…[808s & Heartbreak] was actually good, but I had a lot to do with that album.”

If you recall, the two have teamed up on numerous occasions, more notably on West's single, "Good Life."

But don't be fooled, T-Pain is very talented. During a recent NPR "Tiny Desk" concert Teddy Bend-Er-Ass Down did renditions of some of his hits ('I'm In Love With A Stripper," "Up Down," and "Drankin Patna"). Watch below.

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