The second official trailer for the new Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell film Get Hard was released today, with the two and a half minute clip featuring two brief cameos from none other than T.I. himself. The film follows Ferrell, a businessman facing down a 10 year prison sentence, as he hires "tough guy" Hart to toughen himself up before he turns himself in to face his new reality behind bars. Hart isn't quite the hardened criminal that Ferrell assumes him to be (there's a strong racist element to that assumption which, what? Okay?) which is where Tip's character comes in; he portrays Hart's cousin who knows a thing or two about surviving while locked up.

T.I., of course, is no stranger to prison himself, having spent some time behind bars as recently as 2011. But he's also gotten more and more into the acting realm in the past few years, with appearances in movies like American GangsterATLIdentity Thief and Takers as well as television shows like EntourageHouse Of Lies and Single Ladies. In addition to Get Hard—which is hitting theaters Mar. 27Tip also has a role in the upcoming superhero film Ant Man, which is scheduled for July. Check the Get Hard trailer above.

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