Snoop Dogg and Iggy Azalea have been beefing over social media for the past few weeks, with the shots thrown by Snoop getting nastier and nastier as Iggy tried to simultaneously stand her ground and rise above the fray. But things had finally seemed to be put to rest two weeks ago when Hustle Gang boss T.I. made a phone call to Snoop in order to squash the beef, after which Snoop posted an Instagram video apologizing to Iggy. Everything good, right?

Not exactly. TMZ, as they are known to do, cornered Iggy at LAX and asked her if she would ever make a song with the Doggfather, to which the Aussie MC replied in the negative. Less than three days later, the site ambushed Snoop in the same way, asking him to comment on what Iggy had said days before. Snoop, seldom one to back down, quoted the hook to Big Sean's recent single "I Don't Fuck With You," which served as his own retort. The beef was squashed, everyone apologized, but clearly not all was well.

This week, T.I. came through the XXL offices, and during our conversation we asked him about the ongoing feud between his Hustle Gang artist and the West Coast OG.

"I'm not in a position to make anyone like each other," Tip said when asked about the latest barbs thrown between Snoop and Iggy. "I respect him enough, I respect her enough, for them to form their own respectful opinions of whomever... I respect Snoop, I respect Iggy, got love for them both. And hopefully one day, you know what I'm sayin', as time moves on, they'll find some things that they have in common rather than noticing all the things that they don't."

Time, they say, does heal all wounds, which seems to be what Tip is hoping for. Check the video above.