Every person has their own way of looking at things and you have to respect it. No matter what that person thinks, a point of view is not necessarily conclusive and is based on one's own opinion.

That's why today, XXL is launching a brand new video franchise titled Views, where hip-hop's finest will take a seat and share with the world their point of view on some of the hottest topics in current events and hip-hop.

For XXL's first installment of Views, outspoken Atlanta rapper T.I. discusses a number of topics including Donald Trump's presidency, old school vs. new school rappers in hip-hop and rappers comparing themselves to the late Tupac Shakur.

Known for always sharing his point of view with his followers and fans, Tip starts off the video by sharing his opinion on the current POTUS. Calling Trump's presidency "some bullshit," the Trap Muzik rapper goes in-depth with XXL about the reasons why President Trump isn't a legitimate head of state.

"I just think he’s incredibly divisive and he’s just sporadic and he isn’t poised or he doesn’t seem like he has the best interest of the people at heart in the decisions he’s making," says Tip. "He seems very emotional, you know what I’m saying? Very self-serving and you know, I don’t think that’s in the best interest of the American people."

Another topic the MC tackles is the huge disconnect between old school and new school hip-hop. Sharing an unbiased stand on the controversial topic that's had newer rappers and older rappers feuding, Tip says, “I think you have cases where the youngsters ain't paying the proper respect to the founding members or the forefathers of the culture, and then sometimes the OGs or the elder statesmen of the culture ain’t acknowledging or ain’t respecting the youngsters, you know? I think there have been cases of both."

Known for being a huge Tupac fan, Tip ends the first episode of Views speaking on the recent crop of rappers who have compared themselves to the late, great MC. T.I. calls it "blasphemous" for rappers to consider themselves to 2Pac. The Grand Hustle leader ends the topic by saying rappers are "out of line" for even considering this thought.

Check out T.I.'s point of views in the video above.

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