T.I. and Tiny welcomed their newborn daughter Heiress into the world late last month, expanding their family hustle with what was their third child together. In a surprising twist though, TMZ caught up with the rapper at an airport recently and found out that not only was he in the delivery room at the time of birth, but he was helping the doctors deliver the baby.

The cameraman first asks T.I. if raising children gets any easier over time to which he responded, "Somewhat. The experience kicks in." He then declines to speak on Tiny's behalf on the matter, saying, "I’ll let her speak for that. I won’t put words in her mouth." 

When asked if he was in the delivery room with Tiny, T.I. replies with an emphatic, "Hell yeah," going on to elaborate on his involvement, saying that his wife didn't need to be comforted during the process. "I was on the other side with the doctor. I was doing the incision. I was handling the business," he said. "She don’t need no comfort right now. She done done this enough to where it’s pretty much second nature to her.

T.I. revealed via Instagram earlier this month that their newborn daughter would be named Heiress, but this latest reveal next level dad shit. Salute to the King for playing such an active role in the birthing process. Catch him telling the story himself in the video up above.

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