Swizz Beatz is constantly working. But whether it’s newer ventures like being a pitchman for Reebok or dabbling into art, Swizzy hasn’t forgot about the music.

During a recent interview, Swizz Beatz recently revealed that he shared some studio time with Dr. Dre for the legendary producer’s notoriously-anticipated album, Detox, and is also working on bringing DMX back into the fold.

As previous accounts from rappers and producers have already indicated, Swizzy says that Dre is sitting on a plethora of hot records.

“I done heard 10 Detox worth of smashes,” Swizz told Bootleg Kev about getting in the studio and working with Dre about two to two and a half months ago. “Just put yourself in Dre’s shoes. When you a perfectionist and when you set the bar so high and when people are expecting so much of you and from you, you don’t want to feel that at any type of way and you don’t want the pressure of that, especially when you already won the title.

“Even with Beats by Dre success and all that, he still loves music,” he added. “He’s one of the most consistent, even if he hasn’t put out records every year.”

Swizz also revealed his big plans for DMX, who recently dropped the The Weigh In mixtape to whet fans’ appetites, before unleashing his album.

“I’ve heard a lot of records,” Swizzy told Bootleg Kev about X’s upcoming project. “I’ve actually worked on a couple of records as well. As far as where an album’s at now, because a lot of new material happens, I don’t know where it’s at right now.

“But I know, as far as my plans with X, I have a lot of big plans with X that I plan on putting in motion as a brother, as a responsibility to the fans,” the superproducer continued. “I’m mapping that out now and the world will soon know about that. DMX is one of one. X had amazing elements to his show. X represented the have-nots. People still don’t understand X, but my job is to get people to understand X forreal.”

If that’s not enough work, Swizzy also shared that he’s working with his wife, Alicia Keys, on her new album.

“We vibed on a couple of joints,” he shared. “She’s about 95 percent done with her album. We been vibing, but she has such an amazing vibe and creativity. This album is a game-changer. This is a timeless piece.”

Swizzy also revealed upcoming collaborations with Nas and Meek Mill during the same interview.—Mark Lelinwalla