Last month, Jimmy Winfrey turned himself in to Atlanta police. Better known as PeeWee Roscoe, the rapper and sometimes tour manager for artists including Young Thug, Winfrey had been charged with aggravated assault, terroristic threats, possession of a firearm by a felon and criminal gang activity in the April shooting of Lil Wayne's tour bus in Atlanta. It turns out those won't be his only legal hurdles: WSB-TV 2 Atlanta is reporting that Winfrey will also be charged with domestic terrorism. An updated indictment claims that Roscoe told Wayne he was going to "spray his bus," which the prosecution believes is grounds for the new charge.

Some background on the incident: The shooting, which took place the night of April 26, occurred after Wayne performed at an Atlanta club. The rapper apparently got in a confrontation with some hecklers during his performance, and was escorted out of the club with extra security. That same night, Young Thug was performing in Baton Rouge. (The Barter 6 rapper had previously said he would play his mixtape's release show in Wayne's native Hollygrove section of New Orleans, but Baton Rouge was as close as he could get.) Thug was reportedly booed by a crowd that was chanting Wayne's name. Prosecutors allege that members of Thug's entourage loaded up after the show and took off for Atlanta.

In the original indictment, which came down in June and made its way to news outlets last month, Thug and Birdman were implicated in the shooting, though not formally charged. Last week, news broke that in court documents, Winfrey tried to rope in Baby, saying that the Cash Money head's ongoing financial dispute with Wayne is "what ultimately led to the shooting."

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