One of the most exciting new MC's to come out of Chicago in recent years is Supa Bwe. The young rhymer has a versatility and edge to his music that is addictive to listen to. He's back with a new record titled "Melodies" that's magical. The Luke Almighty-produced record finds Supa taking a left from his punk-inspired rap records with a more melodic sound as he opens up emotionally.

This new record follows up his stellar previous single “I Hate Being Alive.” It's no word if both “I Hate Being Alive” or "Melodies" are off his upcoming Finally Dead project, which is dropping on July 4. Supa has previously hinted that Finally Dead may be his last project and that he will be releasing every song he ever made to his fans. XXL spoke to Supa Bwe for The Break and he explained why hip-hop isn't his-end all, be-all.

"Honestly, hip-hop is college for me. The best way I can put that is I do hip-hop and I love it. I can make a living doing something that I love. I think I can do something big with this. But its not something I want to do for forever. To me it’s more of a means to an end because I want to be a business owner, I want to open up magnet schools. If I do well in [hip-hop] and do what I’m supposed to do, I can make a significant amount of funds and do greater things. I also want to run a label one day. Music is very important in my life but there’s a lot more to me."

Bump "Melodies" below.

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