More than a month after unleashing their debut album I Want to Die in New Orleans, New Orleans' own $uicideboy$ have dropped off a new track. This one's called "Hung Up on the Come Up," and it was released on Tuesday (Oct. 23).

Featuring a distorted instrumental, "Hung Up on the Come Up" finds Ruby Da Cherry and $crim unloading some defiantly bleak bars about success and more. Up first is Ruby, who mixes in humor with some angsty bars.

"Ayy, dirty ass Air Max 95s when I step/I regret nothin', bitch, could give a fuck about respect/Could give a fuck 'bout what you think of me, I'm sick of fuckin' stress/I'll rob myself in public just so I can get a blue check," Ruby spits on the ominous tune.

For his part, $crim spits a stanza that captures the ethos of the N.O. duo. "Fuck who hears it
Ruby and $lick still bendin' corners 'til the coroner/Fuck your press, fuck who's next/Fuck your cypher and awards too/You a mascot/We really represent the ridiculed," he raps.

The release of "Hung Up on the Come Up" follows I Want to Die in New Orleans, an LP that marked $uicideboy$' first official album. Although the album wasn't promoted that much on the commercial front, it's been streamed plenty of times. You can chock that up to the pair's legion of loyal fans.

Listen to the prolific rap duo's "Hung Up on the Come Up" below. Peep $uicideboy$' I Want to Die in New Orleans merch, which is now on sale on G59 website, beneath the song.

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G*59 Records


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