And just like that, $uicideboy$ have unleashed five new EPs in their Kill Yourself collection. Each of the five EPs feature tracks the New Orleans duo has released over the last two months.

The duo—comprised of Ruby Da Cherry and $lick Sloth— are bringing a new brand of rap to the forefront of hip-hop with their speedy flows, ominous-sounding instrumentals and often times pretty dark subject matter.

Speaking with XXL back in April, Ruby and Slick described some of the groups they had been compared to when they were on the come up. If you listen to a few of their songs, you won't be all that surprised.

“Not too much anymore but when we were coming up, the main artists that we always got compared to—and 'til this day we haven’t listened to their music, no offense I think they are great—was Bone Thugs-N-Harmony," Ruby told us at the time. "We’re way bigger Three 6 Mafia fans. The triplets style.”

Slick added that they "never want to put ourselves in a box ever.” Sounds legit. You can check out the $uicideboy$' unique style for yourself by checking out their EPs below.

$UICIDEBOY$' Kill Yourself Part XV: The Coast of Ashes Saga Tracklist

1. "Styrofoam"
2. "Withdrawals/Withdrawals"
3. "Pictures" Feat. Maxo Kream

$UICIDEBOY$' Kill Yourself Part XII: The Dark Glacier Saga Tracklist

1. "Audobon"
2. "2nd Hand"
3. "Planting the Roots Only to Fall Out the Tree"

$UICIDEBOY$' Kill Yourself Part XIII: The Atlantis Saga Tracklist

1. "O' Lord! I Have My Doubts"
2. "Hard to Tell"
3. "New Chains, Same Shackles"

$UICIDEBOY$' Kill Yourself Part XIV: The Vulture Saga Tracklist

1. "Fuck"
2. "Pump Fake"
3. "Venom" Feat. Shakewell

$UICIDEBOY$' Kill Yourself XI: The Kingdom Come Saga Tracklist

1. "Temple Spray"
2. "Nightmare Choir (I Been Asleep Too Long)"
3. “You’re Now Tuning in to 66.6 FM with DJ Rapture (The Hottest Hour of the Evening)

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