Earlier this year, Suge Knight, famous as the head of Death Row Records and for being one of the rap world's most ruthless henchmen, was charged with murder, attempted murder and hit-and-run. The charges come in connection to a January incident that took place at a hamburger stand in Compton; one of the victims, a man named Terry Carter, died from his injuries, while the other, Cle "Bones" Sloan, survived. According to The Associated Press, Knight's lawyers moved today (May 29) to have his charges dismissed on the basis that Sloan has refused to identify Knight as the driver of a red truck that ran down the two men. "There is nowhere in this transcript that Mr. Sloan ever identifies Marion Knight, the defendant, as a murderer," writes Matt Fletcher, an attorney for Knight. "There is nowhere in the entire transcript that Mr. Sloan even identifies Marion Knight as a driver of the red truck in question; the red truck that hit the victims."

The motion will not be resolved in short order, however. Knight has now hired Thomas Mesereau, the attorney who successfully defended Michael Jackson on child molestation charges, to represent him. A Los Angeles judge has pushed the motion from today until July 7, in order to give Mesereau time to further familiarize himself with the case and to file additional documents, should he deem them necessary. Knight has pleaded not guilty.