Suge Knight's health problems continue to delay his court proceedings. According to TMZ, Knight was rushed from a courtroom to a hospital this morning for a stomach issue related to the six bullets he took in a nightclub shooting last summer. Knight was due in court for his part in a robbery case involving Knight and comedian Katt Williams. The Death Row Records co-founder was complaining of stomach pain and has been dealing with bleeding in his stomach, his attorney David Kenner told TMZ. The emergency trip to the hospital led to the second delay in proceedings for the robbery case. Katt Williams is due in court later this afternoon for his hearing.

Knight and Williams were arrested in October of 2014 on the suspicion of stealing a camera from an LA photographer. It was originally reported that if convicted Knight would face 30-to-life in prison while the comedian would face seven years if found guilty. This case was a huge reason why Knight's bail was revoked in his hit-and-run murder charge. Knight has also faced a litany of health problems to go along with his legal issues. In early Feb. Knight was rushed to the hospital after suffering a near-fatal blood clot that stemmed from the shooting he suffered at 1Oak nightclub. While in the hospital, Knight was handcuffed to his bed and under 24/7 surveillance by the police. He was released from the hospital and sent back to prison one day later.