Skepta's long-awaited Konnichiwa album is finally available to stream and download on Apple Music and iTunes.

The album boasts features from Wiley, Pharrell, A$AP Nast, Novelist, JME and others. Though it was set to drop awhile ago, the LP is just now finally seeing the light of day.

The album’s been in the works for years, but after Skepta began running with Drake the process seemed to be put on hold.

Skepta’s seen his popularity soar since he dropped his last official project Blacklisted in 2012. Since then, grime has begun catching on in the U.S. and Drake was quick to hop on the wave by doing songs like the “Ojuelegba” remix with Skepta.

Drake also recently announced that he had signed to Boy Better Know, the label Skepta’s brother JME started. Whether it’s official is unclear, as Drake only claimed so on Instagram, but with Views From the 6 dropping at the end of the month, we should have a better understanding of Six God’s label situation by then.

Konnichiwa was supposed to drop in 2015, but perhaps Skepta sensed something was off. A Drake co-sign can often be a gift and a curse; just ask Ramriddlz, whose “Sweeterman” got the Drizzy stimulus package to dubious effect. Maybe the London rapper understood that last year was the “Drake affiliation” phase, and it’d be better to build off that and drop the album once it had passed instead of specifically capitalizing on the attention he was getting from another rapper. Or maybe the album just wasn’t ready yet.

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