Madeintyo is back with True's World, a new six-track EP that marks his first project in about a year. Needless to say, the ascendant Atlanta rapper is still as dope as ever.

The new project, which is named after Madeintyo's son True, is just the latest entry into what's been a huge year for the rapper. It's also the conclusion to a wildly successful summer that's seen the artist named as a 2017 XXL Freshman. Speaking with us months back, Madeintyo touched on the significance of being selected for the Freshman cover.

“People dream of this moment and as an artist, as a rapper, even if today you don’t do nothing else after this, this is a staple in hip-hop history to be on the XXL Freshman cover, just off grip,” he says. “From right now, every move that I make, I’m geeked for my son to understand what happened or what was going on. Like, ‘My dad was on this cover.’ This is one of those things that you’re excited about. My fans rocked with me. This is the best timing. If you have something, if you’re a star, you are going to shine when the light hits you.”

Listen to Madeintyo's True's World EP below, and cop it on iTunes.

Madeintyo's True's World EP Tracklist

1. "True’s World"
2. "Depends"
3. "Cashing Out"
4. "Too Quick"
5. "Eating
6. "Yah Dig"

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