Straight Outta Compton continues to have box office success. The N.W.A biopic premiered in North American theaters on Aug. 14, closing out the opening weekend with $60.2 million in sales. Fast forward a week and the film continues to lead the box office, bringing in an additional $26.8 million in its second weekend, according to BBC. This puts the film's total past the $100 million mark just nine days after its debut. Its total is now estimated to be $111.5 million.

The biopic is doing so well, there just might be a sequel. This weekend, the highly anticipated film surpassed sales of Paramount's Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation, which closed out with $11.7 million in its fourth weekend. SOC also beat the horror sequel Sinister 2, which opened with $10.6 million. Coming in fourth place this weekend was Hitman: Agent 47 with $8.2 million.

Straight Outta Compton, produced by Dr. Dre and Ice Cube, held on to its lead in the box office despite recent drama surrounding the film. At a recent press screening, director F. Gary Gray answered questions regarding certain stories not being portrayed in the film. One of these stories pertained to Dr. Dre and his alleged abuse against women, more specifically, hip-hop journalist Dee Barnes. Dre attacked Barnes back in 1991 over N.W.A's beef with then former member Ice Cube. Barnes later spoke her piece on the film. Michel'le, Dre's girlfriend during his time with the rap collective, also spoke out on the film. Dr. Dre has since apologized for his wrongdoings in a statement.