If you're going to save someone from the clutches of a massive IRS tax lien, you might as well have fun while you're doing it. At least, that's the attitude late night show hosts Stephen Colbert and James Corden appeared to have when they dedicated segments of their program to poking fun at Nelly's recent tax troubles. You can see the Nelly portion of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert above.

As you can see, Colbert, baring Nelly's signature band-aid on his cheek bone, parodied the St. Louis rapper's hit song "Hot in Herre." His rendition of the track is titled "Debt in Herre," and depending on his sense of humor, Nelly is either laughing or crying at the joke, though, if Colbert's using Spotify, he probably doesn't care. Nelly will have to get 402,880,500 streams to earn close to the $2.4 million his tax lien demands.

With that in mind, maybe Nelly is happy that Corden also jumped in to tell some jokes at his expense. Recently, Corden joked that Nelly was selling space on his band-aid to advertisers, before playing the rapper's "Hot in Herre" towards the end of his show, The Late Late Show with James Corden.

On the bright side, there could be a sliver of light at the end of Nelly's tax-debt tunnel. According to the Washington Post, the campaign to #SaveNelly has tripled his streams in the last few days. If you want to continue the heroic campaign, you should probably get to streaming.

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