Starlito and Don Trip play the roles of Brennan and Dale in their new music video. The Tennessee duo hangs out in a treehouse and wears the same clothes as the Step Brothers characters in the "Yeah 5X" music video. There are plenty of fun visuals in this one, but Lito and Don's bars are the best part of it. Peep the flick below.

"Just like Mel and Danny Glover, caught with seven lethal weapons/And you can check my deposition, listen/Look, them streets ain't for you/They against you, need convincing/They got most of my friends behind them fences/I was in them trenches that's why I don't give a fuck about no mentions/Or no likes or no comments, I got extensions/I had lost everything beefing, it get expensive/Cap a unit and wouldn't care if you wind up in intensive/No evidence for forensics, just barely dodged the conviction/Shed a thug tear when they said that buddy was snitching," Starlito raps.

Don Trip takes over for the second verse and shines with his own rhymes. The Memphis native follows Starlito's lead and keeps it real.

"On my block they are shooting teens/Just tryna ball, but they just moving screens/So used to putting up bricks you think I'm playing for the losing team/I don't sleep much but I used to dream/Then I woke up and started chasing mine/Took a look at my G-Shock and said don't rush it/Take your time without wasting time, Godspeed," Don raps.

"Yeah 5X" appears on Starlito and Don Trip's new project Step Brothers Three. Make sure to watch the tandem's "Good Cop, Bad Cop" video too.

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