It looks like Soulja Boy's wild Internet antics have just blown up in his face. This evening (Jan. 4), the rambunctious Atlanta rapper was accosted by another man as he was recording a live Instagram video of himself. The confrontation unfolds in the clip above.

In the visual, Soulja can be seen walking through an unspecified neighborhood with a few of his people. Shortly after the video begins, Soulja starts popping off at an unnamed person. "You gotta check in anyway, nigga. Pussy. You got us fucked up nigga, talking you 'bout you gon' knock my homie out, nigga. I'm catching fades for my big homie Wack, nigga."

Soulja continues his ranting, screaming at naysayers who doubt his street credibility before he reaches his arm around a man's neck who appears to be a stranger. That's when things take a turn for the worse. The man immediately pushes Soulja off of him and it sounds like Soulja's phone falls to the ground.

What happens next in this video is somewhat unclear because the lens on Soulja's phone is covered up, but we hear the "Zan With That Lean" rapper get into a shouting match with the man and possibly a few of his boys. One man asks him whose phone it is, and Soulja responds by saying it's his. The next thing you know, someone is yelling (possibly Soulja) to "Stop all that weird shit" he's got "cranking before..." That's where the video ends.

In another video of the same incident, we see that Soulja actually decided to place his phone onto the ground before preparing to square-up to fight. It looks like Soulja's people get in the way to stop what could have very well become a physical conflict, but the video cuts out before we can see the rest of the confrontation unfold. We're not sure what happens next, but it's a pretty safe bet that this video ends up being used for another Soulja Boy Challenge. You can peep the clip for yourself below.

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