UPDATE: And just like that, Soulja Boy is out of jail. On Friday afternoon (March 15), the rapper announced his release by jumping onto Instagram and uploading a snippet of one of his music videos.

He kept his message regarding the matter simple, captioning one video, "Just got out of jail." In another video, Soulja gets into some jokes.

"Big Draco, I'm out of jail, nigga!" he screams. "This shit ain't gonna stop, bruh! You got me fucked up! I had the biggest comeback in 2018!"

"I'm not gonna go out like 6ix9ine, you got me fucked up, bruh," he added.

Now, it looks like he'll be able to make his scheduled halftime performance for the game between the Los Angeles Clippers and  Chicago Bulls at the Staples Center at 10:30 p.m. EST.

Before he ends his video, Soulja flashed his arm, which is wrapped in wristbands from jail, and joked, "I'm might rock this shit to the muthafuckin' Staples Center."

Check out Soulja's post-jail IG posts below.


Soulja Boy is in trouble with the law once again. According to TMZ, the rapper was arrested Friday morning (March 15) after police visited his house and found ammunition, which he isn't supposed to have because of his firearms-related probation, last month.

The celebrity news site says San Fernando Valley police found ammunition in Soulja's home while searching his house after they obtained a search warrant in February. They got the warrant after a woman claimed she had been kidnapped by the rapper (Soulja denied the allegations).

Soulja's probation stems from the time police found a weapon in his home in 2016 following a search that was prompted by the rapper threatening people online. It was a violation of Soulja's probation to have any weapons in his home, so the judge extended his probation at the time and once again reiterated that he wasn't allowed to own any weapons.

As for why Soulja's most recent arrest happened now instead of at the time authorities found the ammunition last month, the news outlet said police waited to make their move because they knew Soulja would be going to visit his probation officer in San Fernando Valley and that it would be the easier to take him in once he made the visit.

Soulja Boy is in jail in Van Nuys and he is expected to see a judge later in the day.

XXL has reached out to Soulja's reps and the Los Angeles Police Department for comment.

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