Update (Dec. 16, 2:39 a.m.):

Soulja Boy has bonded out of Van Nuys jail in Los Angeles. He immediately took to Twitter:

Original Story:

Soulja Boy has been arrested for violating probation. On Thursday (Dec. 15), police searched Soulja's Hollywood Hills home and found a gun, according to TMZ.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ they received a Crime Stoppers tip that SB had been threatening other rappers online with guns. Allegedly, cops showed up, searched the premises and found the weapon. Of course, Soulja isn't supposed to have any guns on him.

If you remember, Soulja Boy got two years probation in 2014 for possession of a loaded gun. For those who aren’t familiar with that original case, Soulja was riding around in the passenger seat of a vehicle that was pulled over in the San Fernando Valley in early 2014, but he denied having any connection with the firearm. Soulja’s manager claimed the rapper’s neighbor left the gun under the car seat without him being aware.

In case you missed it, Soulja recently put out a diss track called "Beef" aimed at Quavo of the Atlanta rap group, Migos. On the song, SB threatened Quavo with an AK-47. Additionally, the "Crank Dat" rapper shared an IG video, with the song playing in the background, in which he pointed various guns at the camera.

In an Instagram rant, Soulja said, “When ya got ya chain snatched in D.C., who the fuck’s the one you called, nigga? You called big Soulja, nigga. ‘I got my chain snatched, bro. Don’t be mad at me, bro.’ I ain’t mad at you. I’m just ‘gon help you get yo shit back. You got my address, nigga. Pull up, fuck nigga. Fuck Quavo, I ain’t squashing shit! And any nigga that got something to say about it, holler at me, nigga.”

Peep Lil Yachty's reaction to Soulja's arrest below.

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