Ken Bone is the latest Internet sensation to capture the nation's attention. Even Snoop Dogg has taken notice: during a Reddit AMA, the hip-hop legend asked Bone to come hang out.

Snoop, whose Reddit username is Here_Comes_The_King, asked Bone, "KBone !! When you coming thru tha doggy den 4 a little chit chat ?? I got something special at tha crib for u !" Bone promptly replied, saying, "I'm in LA next week, maybe we can hook up. Big fan here. My dad wants to roll wit da Dogg big time, you me and him could do some tight stuff. That didn't sound cool at all, did it?"

Some other Reddit users got in on the fun, too. One user said, "Hi Ken, are you going to take Snoop Dogg up on his generous offer to hotbox the bone zone?" Bone responded, "My power plant supports a robust drug testing policy, sorry Dogg. My dad on the other hand is all in."

Initially, Bone seemed like a pretty innocent dude, with his funny red sweater and hilarious online presence. However, as more information surfaces, it's becoming clear that Bone is not the best dude out there. First of all, he thinks that George Zimmerman's killing of Trayvon Martin is legally justified. In an old Reddit conversation, he wrote, "From what I read about the case the shooting of Trayvon Martin was justified, but from what I've learned of Zimmerman through statements, interview, and behavior he is a big ole shit bird. Bad guy legally kills kid in self defense. Sucks for everybody, including us due to media fuckery."

In addition, he was a regular participant in multiple NSFW forums on Reddit, including a page devoted to pregnant women in swimsuits. Bone referred to these women as "beautiful human submarines." Gross.


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