With such a storied career in hip-hop, Snoop Dogg has understandably taken some detours with his music, becoming Snoop Lion for the reggae-inspired Reincarnated and teaming up with Pharrell for last year's funk fueled Bush. It seems though, based on recent social media postings, that Snoop is making a return to his trademark West Coast sound, and in a live video posted to Facebook on Monday (May 23), he confirms a new album is just around the corner.

"The return of Doggystyle Records," he says in the above video, "I’m putting all kind of artists on right now. My goal is to put out 100 singles before August." Snoop then encourages all fans to visit his SoundCloud page and submit music of their own before finishing things off with a nonchalant reveal. "Oh my album? July 1," he says.

Snoop has been spotted in the studio recently alongside Nipsey Hussle and Just Blaze, with Just saying earlier this month that he's working "extensively" on Snoopy D-O-Double's latest. The super-producer praised Snoop's experimental releases but said that his favorite albums are when he brings back the Snoop personality. "And I was very excited to find out that that’s the direction he’s taking with this album. And just coincidentally, some of the stuff that I’ve been working on lately just kind of felt like an updated version of that old Death Row sound, kind of an updated G-Funk," he said.

Last month, on 4/20 no less, Snoop dropped "Late Nights" produced by Mike WiLL Made-It, signaling a return to previous form. Starting in the third week of July, Snoop and Wiz Khalifa will be embarking on their High Road Tour, so fans in attendance can expect plenty of new material. Peep Snoop's video up top.

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