It looks like Snoop Dogg is about to bless us with more new music, and very soon at that. On Sunday (Oct, 15), the Long Beach, Calif. legend uploaded what appears to be cover art for a project, or simply a song, called Make America Crip Again.

"Oct 27 new snoop Dogg. 🔥🔥🔥🔌🇺🇸," wrote Uncle Snoop in an Instagram post featuring image of all blue cover art. As you can read, whatever Make America Crip Again is will drop on Fri., Oct. 27, and if you didn't know, the rapper has claimed Crip for his entire career.

Snoop actually dropped a new album not too long ago. His latest project, titled Neva Left, finds the West Coast icon returning to his gangsta rap roots as he spits about his upbringing in the streets of Long Beach. It was some pretty hardcore, frontline stuff, which is a vibe we could be getting more of—if Snoop is indeed about to drop a new project.

We don't know if you noticed, but, Snoop's now-rumored new project is an obvious reference to President Trump's slogan, Make America great again. Responding to Eminem's vicious anti-Trump freestyle at the 2017 BET Hip Hop Awards, Snoop once again made known his feelings about Trump when he gave Slim Shady a cosign.

"Yo, shoutout to Eminem for saying some real shit. Eminem: I always knew you was a real nigga. We totally know you a real nigga now. Shoutout to Eminem, Detroit stand up. Eminem, real muthafuckin' nigga. So says Snoop Dogg," he says in the video.

Check out Snoop's full cover art for Make America Crip Again below.

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