Apparently, Snoop Dogg's Christmas was ruined by the Los Angeles Lakers.

Snoop's team took on the Los Angeles Clippers on Christmas Day (Dec. 25) at the Staples Center. The Lakers ended up losing to the Clippers by five points. The Long Beach, Calif.  rapper, who dropped his I Wanna Thank Me album earlier this year, was furious about the final score and hit up his Instagram timeline to vent.

"We need to get rid of some niggas," Snoop said. "Too many hoes on our team, man. I'ma say it and I mean it, muthafuckas missing fucking 3s in the end of the fucking game, sorry muthafucka. Fuck! Fucked my Christmas up with this shit, nigga. Can't beat the fucking Clippers, y'all make me sick with this shit."

Not even some sleep could get the veteran rapper and actor out of his bad mood about the Lakers. The next morning Snoop continued to go all the way in on the Lakers' strategies. He even made some suggestions to the team for the next game.

"Y'all losing to nobody but the fucking Clippers," he said. "I don't care who we lose to just stop losing to the fucking clippers. And nigga you better start making them 3s. I ain't talking to the starters, I'm talking 'bout them other niggas on the bench. Start making them fucking 3s nigga. Get your ass in the gym right now and go work on your fucking shot. So when 'Bron throw the muthafucka you make it, nigga."

Watch Uncle Snoop go off on the Los Angeles Lakers below.

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