A few months back comedian Lil Duval started posting videos of himself doing a little jig, with a song to boot, which he dubbed "Kill Em Wit The Shoulders." The hilarious dance eventually went viral and has now spawned a full-fledged track with OG Snoop Dogg.

The original short version, which consisted of just a small chorus by Duval's comedian partna Jay Ski, has now been expanded with Snoop taking over the reigns. The track has an old-school West Coast vibe with Snoop kicking that laid back, house party lingo. "You put your hands to the side and go up and down/Then ya ooh to the groove when you move it around/It's not hard, it's cool when you're moving your hips/You can do it like that or you can do it like this/Everybody stand up and get it in/From the back to the front we ballin'/Fall back, damn baby girl, you all that," he raps.

In the video, Duval is the life of the party, as the shoulder popping gawd slides through one of Snoop's lit hotel suite shindigs and shows everyone how to officially "Kill 'Em Wit The Shoulders" while D-O-GG handles the raps.

"If you clean, synchronized dancing just like a routine/Look at momma, look at cuz, look at auntie, stay in ya lane/Don't bump me cause I'ma get this off, don't get too worked cause I set this off/And take my crew and do what we do, and make a little dance for you/One two, three four...to all the party people/When I make that sound (woo woo) everybody breaks it down/Look back at it, stand tall, Little Duval, Big Snoop Dogg," he spits.

Check out the hilarious video, above.

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