Snoop Dogg will have his day in court with Pabst Brewing Company on Halloween (Oct. 31) as a judge tries to figure out whether or not the legendary west coast rapper is owed millions of dollars due to a breach of contract.

Snoop signed a deal in 2011 to be the brand ambassador for the Midwestern brewery's new multi-flavored malt liquor line Blast by Colt 45. Shortly after the deal was solidified, Pabst was sold to a group of investors for about $700 million. The Doggfather thinks he is supposed to get a chunk of that dollar amount, per the contract he signed.

"In the event that the Blast by Colt 45 brand or the entire Colt 45 brand family is sold, during the 3-year Term of the Agreement or within two (2) years following the end of the Term, Consultant [i.e. Mr. Broadus] will receive 10% of the net price of such sale," the contract reportedly reads.

Last June, Uncle Snoop sued Pabst in Los Angeles Superior Court for breach of contract, breach of covenant of good faith and fair dealing, conversion and intentional interference with contractual relations. He says he has yet to receive a dime from the company.

Pabst's attorney, Richard B. Kendall, disputed the rapper's claims saying they owe the rapper nothing. But a judge disagreed and allowed the judgment to go through. At this point both parties are arguing over lawyers and contract details.

This should all be settled on the last day of October.

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