Russ has made no secret of his disdain for the perceived glorifying of drug abuse, but he might have picked a bad time to rant about it.

On Sunday (Nov. 19), just a few days after Lil Peep's death due to a suspected drug overdose, the talented rapper engaged in a 13-tweet rant deconstructing the dimensions of why he's not cool with what he believes is rappers using a drug-addicted image for branding purposes.

Smokepurpp, a guy who's made a habit of uploading social media videos of himself using various drugs, quickly responded by calling Russ a bitch. "Shut the fuck up u a bitch," he wrote.

While it could be argued that Purpp is likely one of the rappers Russ was talking about in his diatribe, it appears Purpp's tweet could be his attempt at defending Peep's honor. At the same time, Purpp seems to shoot down Russ' potentially perceived attempt to use the rapper's death to spark a conversation about drug abuse and its illusory glory.

"Don’t ever use someone’s death to make ur self look cool or as an example, lame as fuck," wrote Smokepurpp. Towards the beginning of his rant, Russ offered up a bit of a disclaimer, but it's unclear how it's being taken.

"I dont have a difficult time finding the correlation between bein depressed & abusing drugs," Russ wrote in his second tweet. "I do however find it difficult to find the correlation between depression & publicly promoting your drug use over & over again via pics/vids. I could b wrong but discussion should b had."

Peep Russ' rant and Smokepurpp's response to it in the gallery below. Go to Russ' Twitter page to see his full statement.

See Russ' Anti-Drug Twitter Rant and Smokepurpp's Response

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