Smokepurpp strikes back at all of his haters in another edition of XXL's Mean Comments.

In the newest episode published Thursday (Dec. 12), the South Florida rapper hits back at the trolls that leave degrading comments about him on social media. At the start, Purpp addresses one critic who berates anyone comparing the rapper to a legend. "Standards are pretty low if you're considered a legend in Florida lol," the Instagram user writes.

"Man, my standards are not pretty low because I'm fire as fuck and I am a legend in Florida. Fuck you," Smokepurpp replies.

One of the funniest moments comes when Purpp is compared to a VeggieTales animated TV show character. "Nigga look like a Veggie Tale," user JesusChristIHateThis writes on IG. To which the Deadstar 2 rhymer fires back, "Fuck you, you work at a hotel boy. You like like a butler. You look like Esteban from gotdamn The Suite Life of Zack & Cody."

Another mean commenter accuses one-third of the Gucci Gang group of riding his longtime friend Lil Pump's wave. Smokepurpp and Lil Pump came up in the rap game together in Miami, putting on for the new crop of SoundCloud rap talent coming out of South Florida. They've collaborated on numerous tracks like "Nephew" and "Smoke My Dope." Although they thrown down on bangers together, Purpp asserts that he's not riding anyone's wave.

"Pump is my brother," he starts. "I love Pump and his music, but our music is nothing alike. I don't know where you got I'm riding his wave from... uh... that's irrelevant. Fuck you."

While some comments attack his dreads and his Dade County demeanor, others straight-up attack his profession.  Instagram user NotKarim calls out the rapper for setting multiple release dates for his anticipated album Deadstar 2. "Haven't u been announcing release dates for Deadstar 2 for years now lmfao? Ur a joke," he writes.

"No, it has not fucking been years, bro," Purpp retorts. "I dropped an album... Bless Yo Trap was in 2018. I dropped Lost Planet this year. So I been announced the release date for a year. Get it right man."

Watch Smokepurpp fire back at the mean comments below.

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