Whenever Smokepurpp and Lil Pump get together it looks as if they're having the time of their lives. That's a pattern that continues in their new video for "Nephew," a ChaseTheMoney-produced track they unleashed nearly two weeks ago.

Aligning itself with the playful vibe of their new song, the Millicent Hailes-directed video for "Nephew" finds the two 2018 XXL Freshmen running around London as they act out some of their zany lyrics. Over the course of a bit more than three minutes, we see the two Florida rappers jumping around a London rooftop. When the camera isn't focused on them, we see a group of local goons robbing a convenient store, making molotov cocktails and more. It gets pretty chaotic.

Getting back to the song itself, the track is definitely a slapper. Both rappers touch on some of their trap exploits as they serve up bits of humor and casual boasts throughout.

"I'ma paint, on her face like I'm DoodleBob/Jump in, that pussy like I scuba dive/Boy don't test your luck, could be the day that you finna die," Purpp spits on the track. For his part, Pump keeps up the humor.

"JuJu on your grandson, knock your nephew head off/Nick bag, dime bag, sell it on the corner (corner)/Before you suck my dick you better sign a non-disclosure/Uber driver took me to the trap in a Toyota," Pump spits on the track.

Peep Smokepurpp and Lil Pump's new video for "Nephew" below. Watch Purpp, Pump and BlocBoy JB's 2018 XXL Freshman cypher when you're done.

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