Skooly has cemented his place in the Atlanta rap scene, and has evolved into a different artist over time. His new video highlights one of his more somber songs: "Dirty Dawg 'Insane'."

The song appears on his new EP, Don't You Ever Forget Me. As for the video, it starts outside, in a forest of sorts. Dogs in kennels are seen, then Skooly is walking a big dog on a chain leash as he wears a fur coat. He then walks through a dilapidated house, and continues rapping. More scenes of dogs are spliced in.

On the song's hook, Skooly just shares his thoughts at the time, regardless of how harsh they may be. "Shit, OK, before the fame I knew that I was insane bitch/Dirty dawg, they tell me I'm so untamed bitch," he delivers. "Clean dawg, I ain't got no fuckin' mange bitch/Single y'all, I ain't got no fuckin' main bitch."

Earlier this year, Skooly dropped the video for his song "Friend Watch," from his debut album, BacCWArdFeELiNgSthe album also featured appearances from Young Thug and 2 Chainz. In the video, Skooly is the man of the hour in a house full of beautiful women.

Check out Skooly's "Dirty Dawg 'Insane'" video below.

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