Kid Cudi's recent letter about his reasons for checking into rehab made a lot of people examine their own mental health. Skizzy Mars can be added to that discussion as he announced that he's heading back to rehab.

The Harlem rapper revealed that he spent most of the summer in rehab too. Although Skizzy Mars left in September, he felt like his issues were not resolved. So, the MC is heading back as he told his followers on Twitter.

"I grew up on drugs, rapping about them," he tweeted on Saturday (Oct. 8). "First time im saying this. checked into rehab in june and left in September. was depressed, anxious, hopeless. i came home and felt like i had more to offer myself nd my fans as far as self betterment. so going back."

Skizzy Mars was thankful to all of his fans for their support. He said their love was what helped him get through the tough times up until now.

"Thanks for loving me," he continued. "Its all thats gotten me through these times. and ill be back better than ever. ever."

Earlier this year, Skizzy Mars released an album titled Alone Together. It appears this title may have been more evocative of his struggle than anyone could have guessed at the time. XXL wishes Skizzy the best and hopes his latest stint in rehab will be a positive experience.

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