Months ago, we spoke to Skippa Da Flippa after he dropped the crazy "GangLand." Now he's prepping his new Flippa McFadden 2, and to tide fans over as they wait for the tape, he drops a fire new verse over Tee Grizzley and Lil Yachty's banging "From the D to the A." Listen to the song below.

Skip's been one of the most lyrical dudes to come out of Atlanta in the past few years, and here he takes his time over the Helluva beat, placing every word with care as he picks apart the production. His delivery is deliberate, a bit slower than how Tee and Yachty attacked the beat, making his approach entirely different.

"I'm just warming up my fans for Flippa McFadden 2," Flippa tells XXL. "The Tee Grizzley song was too hard, so you know Flippa had to flip it."

Skippa's highly anticipated new tape also features a song fans have been dying for. Produced by Devo, the song is called "Fashion Forward" and features none other for Young Thug. Get ready for that track by listening to Skippa's "From the D to the A" remix below.

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