After working hard to come into his most recent success, Skinnyfromthe9 is finally celebrating his accomplishments by reflecting on his journey. The 22-year-old rising rapper released his "Back When I Was Broke" music video last week (May 4), which features him living the good life inside of a lavish mansion.

Not only is Skinny surrounded by beautiful views when he wakes up in the master bedroom, but he also finds himself embracing some gorgeous women in the large bed with him. The Upstate Groove Productions-directed clip also features the New Jersey-bred star throwing bundles of cash on his balcony with his friends, as well as giving big hugs to loved ones who come to visit him at the mansion.

The video also features cameos from both Wiz Khalifa and Russ, who the "Pink Choppas" entertainer crosses paths with briefly at different events.

Skinnyfromthe9 has built up a major buzz for himself, and his most outstanding moment to date came with the release of his successful "Love Blast" record. During his previous interview with XXL, he broke down how that song shifted his career.

“I would say the ‘Love Blast’ record going crazy—that’s what jump started everything; that's when my whole life changed," he admitted. "I'm everywhere now. It's a dream come true. [Also] going on tour with Fetty Wap. But I think what was really crazy was coming to XXL[‘s office]."

Check out the music video for Skinnyfromthe9's "Back When I Was Broke" record below.

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