The beef between Skillz and Uncle Murda is only brewing up more each minute, and now we're getting a better perspective of the feud. The Virginia rapper calls into Ebro in the Morning on Hot 97, where he explains his issues in depth with the Brooklyn native after releasing his "Murda Gram" diss record.

The beef originally stemmed after Murda took shots at Mad Skillz on his "Rap Up 2017" record, which was a concept that the From Where entertainer originally created. Skillz says that he decided to record "Murda Gram" after the "On & On" entertainer messaged him about his own "Rap Up," essentially calling him washed up.

"Nah, I mean. I don't even rap no more, man," Skillz explains. "But, the level of disrespect...when he DM'd me, that was it."

Skillz says that he received the message about two weeks ago, and originally wasn't upset at Murda doing another "Rap Up," but more so that he took a shot at him on the actual track.

"The DM happened like a week ago. No, no, no, like two weeks ago, and he just DM'd me and he said, 'Yeah, you the PG version. I'm the R-rated version,'" he continues. "The screenshot of the song is the actual DM. Like, he said that to me. I just hit him back like, 'Who this?' My thing's been plenty of cats that try to do wrap ups, and that's cool, but nobody's ever been that disrespectful."

The Detroit-born MC then takes more shots at Murda, claiming that only New York listeners hear his "Rap Up" track, and implies that people in Virginia don't know who he is.

"Y'all have to understand, the only people that hear an Uncle Murda 'Rap Up' is in New York [or Worldstar]. But it don't get past exit seven on the turnpike. There's still people asking me, 'Who is Uncle Murda?'"

Skillz also says that there are "30 rappers" in Murda's home city that are more important than him.

"He funny. He's a character, but he ain't built for bars," he states. "Let's be real Ebro [and] Rosenberg. Y'all been around. Y'all know New York. I know New York. It's 30 rappers in Brooklyn that's more important than Uncle Murda."

Ebro then argues that Uncle Murda will now be more known than "exit seven on the turnpike" and in Virginia because it got Skillz mad enough to address him on his diss record. He then replies, "touché."

Further in the phone conversation, Skillz also discusses why he stopped rapping, claiming that he's lost his passion for it. He also talks about his latest career move as a DJ, which he has been doing for three years.

Take a listen to the full interview with Skillz below to hear his comments on Uncle Murda.

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