Ski Mask The Slump God's long-awaited Beware the Book of Eli mixtape was finally scheduled to release on May 4 but after a dispute with his management, the Florida rapper decided to leak the project himself on Monday night (April 30).

According to Ski, the decision to leak Beware the Book of Eli was the result of an on going feud with his manager, Shiv. In an Instagram Live video, Ski Mask says the manager kept giving him dates for the project to drop but would then delay the release when he found out Ski Mask wanted to fire him.

"He knows that I been planning on firing his ass after my tape drop, but he keeps pushing my tape back because he knows I'ma fire him," Ski Mask revealed.

Following his Instagram Live session, the rapper asked his fans for 40,000 comments on an Instagram post—he received more than 82,000 comments—and in return he would leak the mixtape. Ski Mask received the comments, plus more than 250,000 likes and eventually dropped the project on SoundCloud.

Beware the Book of Eli has since been removed from SoundCloud, but the "SKIMeetsWorld" rapper says he's working on getting it back up. "Their Whole Management FuFu They Took The Tape Down I'm Doing Everything I Can," he wrote on Instagram.

In a separate post, Ski Mask said his management team has been fired but his lawyers say it will take nearly two weeks to get the mixtape back. "Fired Them But We Gotta Wait Until May 11th For The Tape My Lawyers Saying," the rapper wrote.

Since the project's original announcement, the mixtape has gone through a number of changes. Gone are the Busta Rhymes and Lil Yachty features, although Rich The Kid, Offset and Ronny J still make appearances on the 13-track project.

While Book of Eli is no longer available on SoundCloud, it's still up on YouTube. Check out the tracklist and peep the mixtape below.

Ski Mask The Slump God's Beware the Book of Eli Mixtape Tracklist

1. "Lost Souls" featuring Rich The Kid
2. "Run"
3. "SKIMeetsWorld"
4. "Worldwide"
5. "Throwaway" featuring Ronny J
6. "With Vengeance" featuring Offset
7. "Coolest Monkey in the Jungle" featuring SahBabii
8. "Suicide Season"
9. "The Bee's Knees (DoIHaveTheSause?)"
10. "Geekin" featuring Danny Towers
11. "Child's Play (Poltergeist)"
12. "Dapper Dan"
13. "Bukakke" featuring Rich The Kid

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