At this point, more than a few fans have noticed that Ski Mask The Slump God and Juice Wrld look quite a bit like one another. That's something the two rappers played on when they called themselves "evil twins" during their recent interview with the folks at Montreality, which, as we now know, included a dope new joint rhyme session from the pair.

Yesterday (Aug. 22), the site dropped off a video of the a cappella rhyme session the two rappers had the day of their interview, and it's pretty cool. First up is Ski Mask, a 2018 XXL Freshman who's made a name for himself with quick-fire flows. Freed from the constraints of an instrumental, the Florida rhymer goes off.

"It's like, poison ivy, nobody is fucking with me/Float like a butterfly sting like a bee," he raps before going on to work rhino into a rhyme scheme. The rest of his verse, which you can actually find in his Beware the Book of Eli song, "Worldwide," consists of bars just like those and plenty of start and stop flows that could leave you dizzy.

Next up is Juice Wrld, whose song "Lucid Dreams" has been everywhere in 2018.

"Don't let the tight clothes decept you/Won't hesitate to pull up and disrespect you/It ain't no help you can get to till the police find you where my young niggas left you," he raps in a verse he says is some of the realest words he's ever written. He also notes that he's not sure what will end up happening to his verse, which he spits off his phone.

This rhyme session, which also includes some dope, cartoonish animations from Montreality, will only make fans want to hear more from the two rappers. They teased a joint mixtape in June.

The mixtape speculation started with an a cappella rhyme session they uploaded to Instagram. In the caption for one of the posts, Ski Mask wrote, "Our Collaboration Tape Will Destroy The World @juicewrld999." Here's to hoping we get that tape soon.

Check out Ski and Juice's rhyme session for yourself below.

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