Ski Mask The Slump God showcased a different side of himself on his new album, Stokeley. While discussing the project, which arrived on Nov. 30, with XXL, the 2018 Freshman also revealed that he's far from slowing down. In fact, the Florida rapper confirmed that his eagerly awaited collaborative project with Juice Wrld is up next.

"Evil Twins will come 2019," Ski reveals, speaking with XXL. "Me and Juice decided we're gonna sit like a month in the same state, chill—whenever we want to though. Like we been just recording songs. Evil Twins just came about because we just see a lot of similarities into each other, you know what I mean, and we see a lot of differences."

The joint mixtape was first teased over the summer, but both artists decided not to compromise its quality or rush its release.

The upcoming joint project is not the first time the pair have collaborated. Most recently, at the top of the month of December, Ski Mask and Juice Wrld dropped a new single, "Nuketown," giving fans a glimpse into what's in store in the future.

Ski Mask has not shied away from supporting fellow artists who inspire him, even though it has caused some fans to claim he's trying to replace the late XXXTentacion with Juice Wrld. That's something Ski says isn't the case.

"People that say that I'm tryna fill X's shoes, that’s def false. No one can fill X's shoes," Ski asserts. "X will always be with me. I just respect Juice as an artist."

Elsewhere during his recent sit-down with XXL, Ski Mask explained his approach to identity as a multifaceted artist working in the ever-evolving hip-hop landscape.

“This album is really big on showing you guys what I can be as an artist,” Ski Mask explains. “Not as a rapper. I don’t like being categorized as a rapper. I make music I don’t just rap,” he continues. “This album is gonna show them who I am and gonna build a bridgeway to make music that I wanna make. Like singing, screamo—a lot of different shit.”

Check out Ski Mask The Slump God's in-depth interview via XXL and keep an eye out for more information surrounding his upcoming release with Juice Wrld.

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