Last week, it was revealed that Skepta and Naomi Campbell would be gracing the cover of the forthcoming April issue of British GQ. In addition to the stunning cover, the rumored couple gave a coinciding interview with the outlet where they touched on racism in music, Trump's presidency, meeting for the first time and more.

The Grime artist recalled his first encounter with Naomi at the 2016 British Fashion Awards. "She's like a bullet and everyone has to catch up," says Skepta, who donned just a white robe sitting on the couch for the conversation. The two look intimate despite sitting on opposite ends of the couch, but occasionally hold hands and kiss throughout the clip. Despite the sensual photos for the magazine, the two have yet to officially confirm that they are a couple.

When the question of politics came up, Campbell didn't hold back when it came to addressing Donald Trump. "For those people that are ignorant, feel now that they can come out openly and show their ignorance because the leader of the free world is showing his," she said.

Skepta didn't want to talk politics, putting his hands over his ears as the beautiful 47-year-old model spoke.  He did, however, comment on racism and ignorance in today's society.

"I think everybody deep down knows wrong or right so when people are being racist they know they're being ignorant," he said.

He also commented on the double standard in hip-hop when it comes racial politics, especially when it comes to calling white women "bitches."

"Why can a black rapper say that? If a white rapper said 'black bitch,' not even something derogatory, he would be crucified," the Konnichiwa artist explained.

Check out the two-minute clip in its entirety below.

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