Baltimore rapper Shordie Shordie barely viewed himself as an artist before recording the 2015 song "SheWasDere" as a member of the three-man rap group Peso Da Mafia, consisting of his brother Lor Dee and their cousin Purp. Since, the 22-year-old rapper has come into his own, now thriving as a solo artist with a bubbling hit record.

After dropping the debut Peso Da Mafia project, Never A Drought, in June of last year, Shordie decided to release music for dolo. The result of Shordie Shordie's new journey was Captain Hook, his late 2018 EP packed with gritty perspectives on dating and romance. The project features the entrancing (and brazen) "Bitchuary," a straightforward blasting of women who juggle partners on which Shordie Shordie acknowledges that he's no different from them. The video and song have combined for more than 30 million streams, making it clear that Shordie Shordie's gravelly tone and penchant for singing is setting him apart. With another project on the way, his own summer tour and more videos, it's simply Shordie's time.

Catch up with Shordie Shordie in this week's edition of XXL's The Break.

Age: 22

Hometown: Baltimore

I grew up listening to: "[Lil] Wayne [and] Rich Home Quan as a young nigga, a little bit of Fetty WapWiz [Khalifa]—he got high and did music, I fuck with that. That's what he promoted."

My style’s been compared to: "03 [Greedo]. Free bro, but yeah, I get compared Greedo a lot. I met him over IG. He's a cool nigga. We talk different; we don't sound like each other. But its a similarity because we harmonize and shit like that. But I'm from the Northeast; he's from Watts, L.A. It's two different coasts, two different stories. We sound kinda similar, but me and him both know that we don't sound like each other."

My standout records to date have been: "'Bitchuary' has been my biggest record so far—shoutout to everybody that's been supporting me since the beginning. I was on the phone with a turkey and her homegirl was on the phone with some nigga, but I'm listening to their conversation. She hung up and called another nigga. If your homegirl do that, you do that, too! I'm hip. I got off the phone with her and made the song."

Most people don’t know: "I'm really laid-back. I'm a cool guy once you get to know a nigga! Im just tryna do the same thing the next nigga would do and feed their people. Use my talent, sacrificing myself to do right for my people."

What’s your most slept-on song: "'About Us.' It's like a Baltimore female anthem. And certain niggas—they not fuckin' with it. It's a straight, female song."

I’m going to blow up because: "I don't know how I'm gonna blow up [laughs]. I really don't. I'm just working hard, just like everybody else, if not more. Whatever I see them doing, I'ma work twice as hard."

I’m going to be the next: "I'ma be the next Prince. I keep hearing about Prince—he was the shit. I'ma be the shit, without the heels and shit. I'ma be the street Prince. Females always gonna love me."

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