Last month, Sheck WesMudboy standout "Live Sheck Wes" got parodied by the zany crew at Saturday Night Live. Now, his breakout single "Mo Bamba" has been given an ultra-creative re-interpretation, and this one pairs the song with a modern Disney classic.

Earlier today (Dec. 6), SoundCloud user Blas posted his mash up of “Mo Bamba” with “Let It Go,” the sing-a-long tune from Disney's popular movie Frozen. It's hilarious.

Dubbed “Let It Mo,” the track features Wes rapping his abrasive lyrics over the soft and melodic sounds of “Let It Go.” Just think of the Disney Universe going trap and you’ll get the gist of the mash up. Hearing Wes says “Bitch!” over the soaring orchestral strings is pretty funny.

Blas himself is also amazed at how the two songs fit perfectly together. There’s no word if Wes heard this interesting remix of his song, but we think he’ll get a big kick out of it.

“Mo Mamba” recently went platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), which is a major accomplishment for the New York rapper. The song is named after Mohamed Bamba, an NBA rookie who plays for the Orlando Magic. Wes' debut album Mudboy is an enthralling listen with plenty of unbridled, energetic lyrics.

In the meantime, listen to the mash up of Sheck Wes' "Mo Bamba" with Frozen's "Let It Go" below.

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