50 Cent posted a 35-minute video detailing his fallout with former President of G-Unit Record Sha Money XL. “When the the money came, when the check came, Sha [Money XL] started going like everybody else, just started reaching in my pockets,” he said. “Trying to get the money, as much money as they could get. He charged the most he’s every charged for a track for ‘Blood Hound’ on Get Rich or Die Tryin’. I said, ‘Cool, just give him the money.’ Then he came back around and said, ‘How do you charge for studio time?’"

Sha Money has responded to 50 via Twitter, saying that he isn't scared of 50 Cent. "Why are we talking about me instead of good music? Where the hits at? I've been consistent since I left," Shay wrote. He adds: "You help a nigga who was helpless and he shits on u every chance he gets let me tell my side now."


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