Selena Gomez is making serious strides toward shedding her squeaky-clean Disney star image. After last year's Rihanna-lite "Come and Get It," she returns with "Good For You," a breathy, aggressively intimate cut that's about caring and catering. For the single, she taps A$AP Rocky, fresh off of his wildly successful At.Long.Last.A$AP. Though he loudly and deliberately left behind the commercial grabs of his commercial debut, Long.Live.A$AP, like the Skrillex collaboration "Wild For the Night" and the 2 Chainz-, Kendrick Lamar- and Drake-featuring "Fucking Problems," Rocky feels right at home back on pop radio. The video features perfectly suggestive shower close-ups, smoke machines, giant projected images--basically, everything you need to recall the era when labels actually dropped money on videos. Apropos of nothing, remember the completely unfounded, but completely enthralling rumors that Selena was cheating on then-boyfriend Justin Bieber with Gucci Mane?


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