At the end of last year Sean Garrett The Pen served up "Look On Your Face," a sultry slow jam featuring the ascendant Lil Yachty. Now, the accomplished songwriter is coming out with a video for the track, and he's offered up a new behind the scenes look at the shoot. You can see some of what went on while they were filming in the video above.

The video features Garrett and Yachty moving about on set and clips of Garrett's interview about the song itself. At one point, Garrett goes into why it is he likes working with the rising rap star.

"I love Lil Yachty because he's definitely a star but he don't really give a fuck," Garrett explains in the video. "He's just doing what he do. You know what I'm saying? He's authentic to himself and I felt like I could make him sound amazing on my record. He showed me that he could sound amazing on my record. It was a perfect fit."

Garrett definitely has a good point about the Lil Boat artist's fit on the song. While Yachty isn't necessarily a singer, he does offer up some pretty smooth vocals on "Look On Your Face," putting his slurred, but vibrant delivery to good use on a certified baby maker. It's no wonder the song has over 500,000 streams on Spotify.

There's no word yet on when the visual for "Look On Your Face" is being released, but you can see shots from the video shoot in the gallery below.

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