Scott Storch, once one of the highest-paid and most sought-after producers in hip-hop and pop music, has reportedly filed for bankruptcy. According to TMZ, Storch declared assets worth $3,600: a $3,000 watch, $500 in clothing and $100 cash. He reports making roughly $10,000 in 2014, with zero income coming from his music production companies. This marks the second time the Philadelphia-born producer has filed for bankruptcy; he previously hit bottom in 2009, the same year he checked into a Florida rehab facility to curb his cocaine habit. 2009 was the same year that Storch was charged with grand theft auto, after he failed to return a Bentley on which his lease had lapsed. A year prior ti that, he found himself in legal straits for allegedly falling behind on both his property taxes and his child support.  More legal troubles followed in 2012, when Storch was arrested in Las Vegas for cocaine possession and, later, was sued by an aspiring artist who claimed he had been promised two beats from the one-time hitmaker.

Storch got his start producing tracks for and with The Roots, as far back as 1993's Organix. His run atop the charts began in 2002, when he crafted "Cry Me a River" for Justin Timberlake and "Fighter" for Christina Aguilera. He was then absorbed into Dr. Dre's fold, making hits with 50 Cent ("Candy Shop," "Just a Lil' Bit," G-Unit's "Poppin' Them Thangs"), Fat Joe (Terror Squad's "Lean Back," the Lil Wayne-featuring "Make it Rain") and more. His last major hit was "Shutterbug," from Big Boi's 2010 solo debut album.

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